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Crisis & Specialized Services

Every crisis presents an opportunity to grow as a brand. We help our clients plan for the worst and end with the best overall outcome. We do this through proper planning, timely responses and common-sense actions which keep our clients and their customers and clients happy.

When they hear “crisis management,” most people think of a random negative event that happens suddenly and without warning, like a lightning strike of bad PR. Crisis management firms are frequently brought in after the fact, as a reaction in the wake of an all-hands-on-deck business emergency.

But good crisis management is really risk management. The truth is, most crisis events can be anticipated, and the most effective handling of a risky situation lies in anticipating and planning for that seemingly random event or happening.  

History shows that many reputational threats for business grow out of foreseeable problems. They’re often escalations of simmering situations left unattended, brushed aside, or concealed.


According to a study by the Institute for Crisis Management, 65 percent of business crises from 1990-2009 were what the ICM terms “smoldering,” or rooted in the past, as opposed to truly sudden events. Product defects, customer or employee litigation, workplace misconduct, and many other happenings are at least theoretically foreseeable and almost always preceded by warning signs. The best crisis management companies know this and will help you proactively plan for potential disaster.  

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Business & Legal Consulting Services

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and says that they have their own company but are you properly registered with the IRS, State, and in some cases local municipalities. We have a vast amount of experience throughout the country assisting individuals in properly structuring their business so that they are able to look into the future, not simply the present. 


If your in the entertainment industry it is important that your content is protected and if it is improperly used that you team ready to fight for you. 

Are you someone preparing for divorce; being slandered; facing a civil suit and need our company to assist with legal research and investigation? We have a team for that too!

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Photography & Cinematography 

Photography and Cinematography is not simply about pointing and shooting. It is about capturing and creating an experience that becomes and memory. From family photos, to prom send offs, to political campaigns and everything in between we would love to help you capture the moment or events that are important to you.

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A Link to Executive Orders related to COVID-19 / Coronavirus for Michigan Residents 

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Social Distancing. That is the theme of Michigan and other states. Click here for guidance as related to the State of Michigan directly from the Office of the Governor.

Find Your State or Local Election Website

Visit your state’s election office website for state-wide voting guidance. Or use this directory to find your local elections site. Voting is important in 2020. This link will take you to official US government site. There is no excuse, regardless of party don't sit on the sidelines. 

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Relief Options for Smalls Businesses from the US Small Business Association (SBA)

Here is a direct link to information regarding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) as recently enacted and signed by the President. These programs are filling fast so it is important to sign-up as soon as possible.

Positive Story of the Week

Despite everything going on we still need positive stories in our lives to help not only cope with everything going on but to show us that there is still common decency among us. We are not only ONE NATION but ONE WORLD.

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