We are a Southeastern Michigan based consulting firm, specializing in Crisis Management, Legal, Entertainment, & Business Consulting.

More importantly we are a company that strives to meet people where they are in this journey called life and help them get to where they are going. We meet people and their situations where they are. Not where they have been. 

Finally, we are invested in serving the socioeconomic needs of an ever-changing community. 



Tony Manning is the Managing Director / Principal of Strategic Precision Consulting Services

Tony is a consultant specializing in various areas of business, entertainment, and politics. He has served as a special advisor to members of congress and various state municipalities. He is often sought by those in the public, governmental, and private sector for consulting services on a variety of matters. He is also looked to by those in the adult entertainment industry for guidance on legal compliance, business and tax issues. 

He attended Lansing Community College (LCC) where he majored in Interdisciplinary Studies. After leaving LCC, he attended Concordia University- Ann Arbor (a private Lutheran institution) where he double majored in Public Policy & Legal Studies. He also holds various certifications in other areas including Parliamentarian Procedure and Emergency Management. 

His most important job began in January 2020 when he became a father to his beautiful daughter Penelope. He states that fatherhood is the BEST thing that has ever happened to him and each days bring a teaching moment for both himself and his daughter. 



We are a boutique specialized consulting firm. Our areas of expertise range from political to business to legal to entertainment. For more information please click the link below.